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Emergency telephone

Emergency telephone number - element of the system for fighting against corruption, frauds and embezzlements at „Rafinerija nafte Brod“ a. d..

In the manners specified below every employee of „Rafinerija nafte Brod“ a. d, as well as other citizens can report facts which arouse suspicion and concern, connected with possibility of appearance of corruption, fraud and embezzlement, and other serious breaches and malpractices at „Rafinerija nafte Brod“ a. d.

Information can be reported via several channels:

+ 387 66 912 362

To the telephone numbe -non-stop

Via electronic mail to the E-mail address:

In order to ensure protection of the employees, who have reported the information by emergency telephone number, from formal and informal sanctions, by the employer, the following measures have been taken:

- channels of the connection of the emergency telephone number relate exclusively to the employees of the Security Department - structural organizational unit which is authorized to review and check incoming information, perform analysis and official investigations if necessary, and is directly subordinate to the General Manager;
- to the person who reports information is guaranteed honouring of objectivity and confidentiality during reviewing of the submitted information;
- anonymous reports are reviewed (at the same time, one has to bear in mind that submitting contact information contributes to more complete review of the issues comprised in the procedure, at the expense of the possibility to make obtained information more specific, and also enables feedback)
- for employees at „Rafinerija nafte Brod“ a. d. - employee who reports information about facts of corruption, fraud, embezzlement or other malfeasances know to him, in case of a disciplinary procedure against that person within the year after the a/m report, measures of disciplinary liability apply only according to the results of reviewing of the relevant issue at the Disciplinary committee, respecting manner of application of disciplinary penalties, foreseen by the Labour Act