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Quality and standards of business

The “Oil Refinery Brod” JSC. Testing Laboratory conducts quality assurance testing of crude oil, as well as of finished commercial products, such as automotive fuel, diesel fuel and gasoline, road bitumen, liquefied and natural gas. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and staffed with qualified personnel, applying standard-specified methods required for quality assessment of products, on which the laboratory issues specified certificates - Testing Reports accompanying the products.

The Brod Refinery Testing Laboratory was first accredited in the field of physical and chemical testing of crude oil and petroleum products in 2012, in accordance with the requirements of BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard. At the same time, the Accreditation Institute defended their accreditation system, based on our Testing Laboratory, and in accordance with the International Accreditation Organization, as to conclude an agreement with EA (European Accreditation Cooperation) on equality recognition of accreditation procedures and documents issued by accredited bodies (MLA) in the presence of an international expert.

From 2012 to present, the scope and fields of accreditation have been constantly increasing, according to the needs and requirements of the market. Since 2012, the Testing Laboratory has been re-accredited several times, and upon the new version of BAS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard - since 2020. Currently, the scope of accreditation includes 59 methods for testing of crude oil, oil products, asphalt and bitumen, as well for crude oil and oil product sampling. Since 2021, the Testing Laboratory has also received accreditation for natural gas testing methods.

The Testing Laboratory regularly follows and adheres to the requirements of European and international standards and regulations applied in their work, and since 2010 it has been regularly and successfully participating in interlaboratory testings together with the only international Institute for Interlaboratory Studies (IIS) from Netherlands.

The “Oil Refinery Brod” JSC. Testing Laboratory has repeatedly received awards in “Excellence” category, for participation in interlaboratory comparative quality assurance testings of crude oil and oil products. The laboratory also regularly participates at all regional levels.

Those awards demonstrate that “Oil Refinery Brod” JSC. possesses modern laboratory equipment and competent personnel, ready to provide the product test results with high accuracy. The Refinery annually allocates funds to improve their staff technical competence by attending external seminars and trainings, which allows them to master new standard requirements and apply them in their work.

Also, already for a longer period of time, the Testing Laboratory staff have been participating in reviewing of new international standard editions, for their approval by the Technical Committee for Standardization in the field of ​​crude Oil and Oil Products. This year we have applied for membership in the Technical Committee for Standardization in the field of Natural Gas.

The Testing Laboratory also provides services to third parties. The main Testing Laboratory goal is to always conduct tests in accordance with the a/m methods and customer requirements, in order to fully satisfy their needs, while constantly improving efficiency and effectiveness of the Testing Laboratory in general.

Test results are considered trade secrets, thus and are treated accordingly. All users of testing services, if they require so, may be present at testing of samples submitted by them in the Testing Laboratory.

The Laboratory staff displays their proactive position not only within the very laboratory - they also give effort and contribute by participating both in industry competitions and in sports days organized at the “Zarubezhneft” level. 

Request for testing

Each test request for lubricants, oils and related products received shall be accompanied by a written testing request. Testing requests can be sent to:;