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Processing & Manufacturing

Oil refinery Brod JSC produces petroleum products for everyday use (in industry, construction, transport, households).

„Oil refinery Brod JSC is supplied by crude oil via Adriatic pipeline (JANAF) which enables ongoing operation. Crude oil is stored in tanks at oil terminal on Refinery site.

Total annual processing capacity is 4.2 million tons.


  • Motor gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Bitumeni
  • LPG
  • Fuel oil
  • Sulphur

Motor gasoline

Motor gasoline is used as fuel in internal combustion engines. Refinery Brod produces:

  • BMB-95 (unleaded gasoline with RON 95)
  • BMB-98 (unleaded gasoline with RON 98)


Oil refinery Brod JSC produces 2 types of diesel fuel, whose quality corresponds to European standards:

  • EURO-V

Quality is defined by standard EN 590.

Diesel produced at oil refinery Brod corresponds to European requirements.


The Refinery has the following types of bitumen in its product assortment:

  • Road bitumen
    • Bitumen 50/70
    • Bitumen 70/100
    • Bitumen 160/220
  • Industrial bitumen (Bitumen 85/40)

As of 2011, the Refinery has compliance certificate for control of factory production of bitumen (CE label).

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LNG)

This commodity is used as a fuel in industry and in households (heating). It is also used as environmentally-friendly vehicle fuel with additional beneficial properties. It is also used as a raw material in petrochemical industry

Fuel oil

  • Fuel oil extra light (LUEL)

    Used as fuel in households and industry (for special boiler systems).This product complies with European standards and is defined by Bosnian standard BAS 1002.

  • Mazut (LUS)

    Application in municipal thermal power stations and industrial plants as fuel, quality corresponds to BAS standard.


This product is sold in liquid, solid (plates) and granulated form and can be used for a variety of purposes, including base industry, food industry, agriculture, medicine etc.